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June 18, 2007



We do this at my house all the time! Our living room tv is a projector and its so fun to build a bonfire in the backyard and sit around it while watching a campy movie projected on to the back of the house. FUN!

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Alright, But the studio has, over the last few months, been seeking both a new writer and a new director for "Mouse," with a number of up-and-comers on the list. We''ll keep you posted when they're hired, but the very fact of development momentum is noteworthy. Paramount has had success distributing DreamWorks Animation's films – the studio currently has the hit "How to Train Your Dragon" out in theaters -- but also has made the most of its few forays into animation production. "The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie," a Paramount/Nick collaboration, earned $140 million worldwide back in 2004 (and that was long before the 3-D and hybrid live/animation crazes hit full bore, which could give a jolt to this one if the studio went that way).

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This really is a shame. She was a great visionary who truly understood what it took in education to become not only a well rounded academic, but a well rounded person. The same teachers that were laid off were highly qualified and effective teachers for the schools. Then, every time I turn on the news, teachers are being fired for sexual assault. Where did we go wrong? What do we do?

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