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April 16, 2008



these shots remind me of a vintage shop in Paris...love the look and hope to visit Butik soon... Fay


Love the pictures...so wonderful!


Thanks for the tip. I'll be sure to check it out!


if only if only if only...I could get THERE!! this looks like my kind of dreamland.
coastal nest

Carolina Eclectic

How interesting. Looks great.

mrs. french

Yay! I have always wanted to go, but live on the wrong coast. This is the next best thing.


This is certainly on my must visit list!


What a cute little storefront! Where is this place?


Oh never mind it's in NYC

joanna goddard

wow, thanks for the tip! i'll have to check this place out tomorrow. btw, i just realized that i haven't added you to my link list yet. i'm going to do so right away, i love your blog!


id love to visit it one day...


Dear Helena:
I am trying to find the origin of a large star made of tobacco sticks that sold in your shop, Butik, W.Village, NYC. The star was purchased by Katie Brown and appeared in a feature article about her home decor in Better Homes and Garden, 2011. My friend creates tobacco stick stars and believes it is one of his; it is made with the same construction. He wants nothing more than bragging rights. We are amazed that there would be a market in NYC for tobbaco stars, though we find them truly unique. He uses antique tobacco sticks. Please reply, as we really would like to know and find this trail interesting. Many thanks, Dottie

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