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September 20, 2008



Love this. I'm in such a fall mood. The restaurant I went to tonight was serving apple butter-it's in the air!


My parents in Europe have a big orchard and vineyard and picking all goodies was one of my favorite times. I miss it a lot. Now in Australia we just now have the strawberry season. Not bad at all.

Vicki Archer

That image almost makes me feel ready for the colder months.
We have apple trees on our farm in southern France - not only are they delicious for eating but we pick them and press them for juice each year.


I feel the need to don a wooly sweater, grab a canvas bag and head to my local orchard! MacIntoshes should be in season about now :) My favorites!

joanna goddard

oooh, i love apple picking -- thanks for the reminder!


Auntie B, you are so cute.
I totally bought you a gift from Cyprus, by the way. I am just lazy and haven't sent it yet.
Oh, I really miss you guys and I really want a milkshake from Margie's. Haha.


Love this!


So warm and cozy. It reminds me of growing up when my father and I made our own cider-swatting away bees. The end result was wonderful, but had a short shelf life.

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