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November 16, 2008



very pretty!


I'm so excited, my Great Aunt in Germany just gave me her gold flatwear...I can't wait to use it this Thanksgiving!

vicki archer

Gorgeous - I wish we celebrated thanksgiving. Any excuse to play with the table settings!


love gold!!!


That picture with the fanned napkin on the plate looks really sharp. We're doing a buffet style for my first Thanksgiving as hostess and first Thanksgiving in our new home of Berlin. Your images make the idea of Thanksgiving seem so relaxing and enjoying. Thank you for putting them together.


Aren't you coming here for Thanksgiving?? I am really excited about that, by the way. Just letting you know, you and my uncle Vince may just get enormous, suffocating hugs. Beware.


I was playing around on Polyvore and made a set which totally ended up reminding me of you for some reason, so I dedicated it to you :D HOPE YOU LIKE IT!


I just posted a golden holiday inspiration board and wish I would have seen these images first. Beautiful! I love gold for the holidays.

Annie Empiric

The silverware in the first picture reminded me that I was going to sell the same set before the holidays! I totally forgot about it. Thanks for the 'reminder'.

I just planned my menu too. I can't wait to get my hands dirty in the kitchen with friends!!

Happy Thanksgiving....

gold buffalo proof

I see the bit of the gold and while seeing this mine eyes not even close . All the things are made up of gold such as a spoon , knife, Disk and the folk. Even the food is look like the it also made of gold .

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