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January 17, 2009


Visual Vamp

OMG when I was doing event design I covered everything in moss!
I think I have an old post in my blog archive with a matching moss couch for your chair!
xo xo

robyn pope

very nice chair : ) Happy New Year


WOW craziness! i love moss ;)


I like things covered in moss- fun!
PS Thank you for responding to my email. xoxo


Any idea where the lantern in this photo is from? I'd like to use something similar for a centerpiece at our wedding....


That moss chair is dreamy.

Account Deleted

stage designers will be under the overall theme of color and design of the clothes.


Account Deleted

the realism of the painting, almost the very real figure Out of shape.


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thanks for the info, it's something to think about, i'll stay in touch!!

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Thank you so much Tim. I really do appreciate your feedback. I'm still struggling with the technology but I wish everyone all luck with this competition. I've been pinned down with a sick grandchild and today a very sick daughter - both with gastric flu which afflicts us all at this time of year - so this is the first moment I've had to get to the computer.

outdoor white wicker furniture

Wow, that chair looks great! I don't know about sitting on it with light coloured pants though, or when it has rained :D

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