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February 27, 2009


kari & kijsa

MMmmm...now that in one luscious cabinet!!
If you find it...see if they have two!
kari & kijsa


hmmm, I bet you could, it would be ugly, but you could turn it into a winner


Ok...now I know what to make for dessert tonight..my husband's birthday. Thank you!


I want this. It's lovely.


look through craigslist!!!
I've seen a few exactly like that one in my search.

I got mine for 20$
just needed new paint.


What I want is dessert and champagne...


It's really gorgeous. Not sure where you live or your budget, but Moon River Chatel in Williamsburg Brooklyn sometimes has similar pieces (may be not as large) at fairly reasonable prices. I would have taken the plunge/splurge on a lovely cabinet with a pie safe they were selling once, but sadly I lack the space. Good luck and thanks for a lovely post.


Its beautiful! I wish I had one too! Maybe that's the problem... everyone wants one :)

Vicki Archer

Me too - that cupboard is superb and as for the meringues....xv


Greetings! I can create this cabinet for you including the very aged painted finish. Your new cupboard will have old world charm, a history of paint, no "old" odors, and drawers and doors that work without binding.

See my work at these two websites: www.theperiodhouse.com and www.paulthomasdesigns.com

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