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March 14, 2009


joanna goddard

oh my goodness, this looks great. i'm going to order a used copy right now.

joanna goddard

ps. unless you want to do a book swap? i could send you A Year in Japan, the graphic memoir by kate t. williamson! :) joannaxo


Thanks for the heads up! Will check it out!

seesaw designs

Looks awesome.

wide open spaces

this look so up my alley. i would have picked it up just based on the cover to. i judge a lot.


Sounds like fun! I'll have to take a peek for myself - Thanks!

pamela robinson

i am with you... darling cover.. i will look for it!
cute blog..


cool, I'll check it out! Thanks : )

joanna goddard

thank you again!


Wow, I just hopped off the train (in Sydney) after having finished this very book while riding this morning, only to come into work and find myself checking out your blog... only to tell me about the very same book! It is cute, huh? I really enjoyed it too. I'm not much of a commenter usually, but in this case my excitement got the better of me. Love the blog, thanks

Sydney, Australia


Haha I judge books by their covers too! Can't help it.

Ann at Cooking the Books

I love this book. Actually, I did a little Q&A with the author on my blog!


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