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March 10, 2009



i liked the whole house. love the boards.


i always love your blog! keep up the good work... your photos are always so pretty and well chosen!


hey this is a great idea.
liquor in in a basket with a cute little help yourself sign.


very true, people always end up in the kitchen.


I could have sworn I followed this blog..wonder what happened...


LOVE this! So simple and fresh :)


When I was growing up so many people hung out in our kitchen my mother put in a fireplace the length of the wall. Nobody ever left! Unfortunately, we didn't have a bar basket. :)

Account Deleted

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this kitchen looks great!! I do have such crockeries at my home.


I am glad to see your blog and I really like your kitchen and its so simple and colourful. your photos are always so pretty.

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I tried to imbibe the organizing skills from my mother but to no avail. I can never manage things like this. That Bar basket is cute.

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I think you will agree that just about anything goes in the kitchen today. Sun decor will be great to brighten up a small, wall starved kitchen. It would be extra fun if you are lucky enough to have a breakfast nook. The normally limited wall space in a kitchen is broken into small, odd shaped areas. So, lets go on a search for some smaller, unique sun wall decor. Keep your eyes open for a small moon or stars to accent and mix and match with the sun decor. Hang your favorite sun wall decor piece above the kitchen sink or on a wall space at the end of your cupboards. Hang the smaller accent, celestial pieces on the narrow wall area between your wall cabinets and the counter tops.

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