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June 04, 2009


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What beautiful pictures! If only all of the toys in my playroom looked like this ( minus the buckets of Legos, etc etc etc....)


Post! Thank you.

Raquel Raney

ooh. so into these pictures. very inspirational. thank you for sharing!


my pick would be the last one :)

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The wooden gorilla is so cute! Indeed the design collections are fabulous.

Home builders

I love those furniture drawers very classic and elegant.


Lovely unique toys – although I know if my dog got a hold of that first one, he'd tear it apart in a couple minutes.


was this the last post ever?


thanks for the beautiful link of our children's gorilla. so peaceful

ed hardy

Great, I have to follow your blog, Thank you so much for post.

ed hardy

I read this article, This post was so great. Thanks for sharing.

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love the gorilla

Ivy Lane

Oh, so charming! :)

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Haha it's so cute, i love the first robot / gorilla toy : D

Btw, your pictures are really nice.

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“Simple but elegant!”

Deirdre G


What?! That wooden rope robot is priceless!! so cute!

Lila Ferraro

Way cute! That gorilla cracks me up!
Lila Ferraro
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Why don't you call them and ask if they can use the toys. Then you can explain what they look like and ask if they need to be cleaned extremely well or just wiped off.

The Zhush

New to this company...beyond cute!


Gorillas and all the toys rock.

Very sweet


shannon fricke

Fabulous blog!


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very cool pictures ! Appreciated !

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The wooden gorilla is one of a kind and pictures are great. I love the frames on your wall as well.

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