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March 02, 2008



So beautiful! It's still quite icy here in toronto but I'm certainly looking forward to the warmer weather...


WOW! Lovely photo!!!


i read that issue yesterday sitting in a rocking chair on my front porch. i tried to pretend the dirty windows behind me were beautiful glass french doors and the cement porch was actually lovely worn bricks. such a beautiful weekend here in oakland.

Carolina Eclectic

60 degrees? That's positively smoldering :)
I love this photo.


What a beautiful room, I'd love a bedroom that opened on to the outside.


I really like the brickwork outside it make the entrance so inviting.

Ali Duffy

I just stumbled on to your blog, its fantastic! I love that you are in Chicago, where my terrific sister in law lives and where we love to visit.

Things that Inspire

My ideal house would have the master on the main floor, so I can have French doors that open to a patio like this!

I don't subscribe to Cottage Living, but I always love the pictures that people post from the magazine. I need to look into it!


This picture is so yummy--and makes me want to redesign my room. I wish I had a backyard & a patio....!


The best way to relax is to be close and be one with nature i love this idea.

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The two major elements of a patio door are the border and the glazing, and depending on which part of the country the door will be used, either one of these things may be the deciding factor.

Double Glazing

The Patio doors are beautiful! They really look the best when the sun comes in and the wind blows slightly. It makes me want to relax and have a romantic time with my lived on while the Patio doors are slightly open and the curtains flow in the wind.

Susan Lustenberger

just stumbled upon your FABULOUS blog, made me stare at the screen and forget what I was doing. sn't that what they're supposed to do? Keep all of the lovely things coming!

Double Glazing Warwick

Your Patio Doors suites well in your bedroom. The color white matches well with the interior.


That's really nice and suits a very leisure and elegant lifestyle. For the theme, it seems a refreshing sight to put those doors directly on bedroom.

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It is very elegant. Such designs really bring out the best in your home, even if it's simple.

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its ideal home photo ) photo of my dream

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