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May 01, 2008



have been, changes all the time, my home reflects their look, fab!

molly M

I love this shop! It has wonderful antiques, really different. I want it all! Great new items, really fun and stylish. This is one place I always have to take friends that are visiting.


I can not tell you how much I love this store. I go there for all my gifts and I am slowly decorating my whole house with the antiques that they bring in monthly. My favorite time to go is when they are unloading the truck from a big buying trip. Everyone is having a blast!


I live in Geneva - a former city girl! Call me if you come for a visit and let's have coffee at Graham's 318. Love Scentimental Gardens but you'll want to check out Periscope. It used to be a retail shop but now exclusive interior design. So "Brown Turtleneck Sweater." I did a story on the owner (when I worked for the local paper). She's been featured in the Trib at least 3 times. Her house is AMAZING! Call me 630 290 0025 (c)

Hubert L. Johnson

I shop there once a month. I love antiques and this is the place for old edgy European show stoppers. I found the best piece in all my years of hunting there, it was a wine celler door from France late 1700's. It hangs on my wall in my Chicago loft and everyone goes nuts for it.

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