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February 05, 2009


Cherry Tree Lane

Oh my gosh! I need this for my daughter!


Adore this book. Adore Cafe Fanny even more. One more thing I miss about Berkeley.


I absolutely love Alice Waters!!

This is one of her books I don't have. I think I will give it to myself as an early birthday gift this year!! I happen to be on my way to Berkeley tomorrow - not to Chez Panisse unfortunately - but shopping!!

Enjoy your Sunday!!


Cafe Fashionista

I want. :)


I am in love with that illustration! Wow, I didn't even know there were cook books for kids, brilliant!


I'm definitely going to check this one out! Thanks for sharing :)

Cones @ Creme de la Mode

Oh! I just received "Alice Waters and Chez Panisse" from Amazon, and cannot wait to curl up with some tasty treats and read. Your post reminded me to move it up on my "to read" list!

Laurie Lathem

I love this cookbook too. My 7 year old, food-obsessed son is making all the recipes and of course I am blogging about it. He's learning so much and we are eating so well and having a blast!

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Paella always make me think of speey gonzalez for some reason!!! Andale andale ariba!! This looks gorgeous, remember having it in Barcelona and loving it! I'm so glad you tried it out. I was thinking about this recipe just the other day, I have to do it again soon.
I made this yesterday and it was yum! Thank you.

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