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April 10, 2009



stop it! That looks toooo good!

Anna R

That apricot tart reminds me of the one my husband and I enjoyed for breakfast, yes for breakfast, in Italy at a beautiful hotel near Cortona.


Yummm...I must make this!!


As one of the few people who actually tasted that tart, I can attest that it was DELICIOUS. Make it again!

Ann Porter [KitchAnn]

That looks ammmazing!


i can honestly say i've never delved into the area of tart making but your images are VERY enticing...i'm doing a recipe a week on my home design/cooking blog and it's great fun thus far! i might just have to, if you don't mind, ask you for your fave tart recipe and feature that one week! hope we can collaborate on that and happy 30th...your man SURE DOES know you, lucky gal :) cheers


I just bought a tart dish (25 cents!!) I am dieing to make a tart! Love your images . you blog is a fun read, I'll be back! I would love to have you over to my blog for a giveaway! Hope to see ya there :D

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