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May 08, 2009



what a sophisticated kids room...love it!


Have never seen that wallpaper- thanks- love it- thanks for sharing


Oh, just too cute! Love the simplicity of the entire room. I may need to go redecorate now :)


Hi. I just found your blog today (via another design blog sidebar...I forget which one). It's great! I just spent nearly 2 hours looking through all your past posts. Such great taste and images. Whenever there was one that was particularly gorgeous, I'd click the link to find more but you'd always chosen the best one. Thanks so much for sharing your inspiration!

joanna goddard

too cute!


Nice room.

See the toy train on the floor, I use to have that. Brio I do belive it is called. Great toy!!


What a modern and fun take on a child's bedroom

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The Reeves Beds... wow. I've been looking for inspiration for a new bedroom line. This is amazing.

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Have the aqua chandelier in my dining room!

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What a cute little table! I could use that for any of my home decor needs, not just for a teen's room!

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Nice room, I really liked to my son, the bed is so cute.


wow. that wallpaper is awesomeness.
just found your blog. its adorable.

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I loved the combination of colors and the illustrious of the wallpaper and pillows, great idea!
I think this truckfull wallpaper is not "too boyish" and can be suitable also for girls!

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wow. that wallpaper is awesomeness.
just found your blog. its adorable.

sherri/the claw

I am dying over the bed as well, do you know who made it?


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