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June 04, 2009



Smoking is bad for health. As many research work pile up indicating how harmful smoking, there is very little people do to kick out the habit. However if people try giving up the habit for some time as given in the article, it won’t be that hard to leave it forever. I found this information useful to quit smoking.


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The photos were simply captivating in every angle it was taken. I'm getting married next year on December 08, 2012 and I can help but to be excited with it coming. Life is very harsh sometimes but thanks to these people who keep on reminding us life is something ups and downs, cry and smile and falling and getting up. Life is much better when you look in the bright side despite all odds and circumstances

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Very inspirational. thank you for sharing! Gorillas and all the toys rock, Very sweet!


The gorilla is so CUTE!

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